Justicefmonline can confirm that Bimbilla based Gmantambo Radio which was shutdown in 2019 alongside Radio Gold, Radio XYZ and 130 others is not part of the radio stations which have been approved by the National Communication Authority (NCA) for operation.

This is because Gmantambo Radio was closed down for a different reason, other than non payment of renewal of authorisation fees, a source at the Communication Authority disclosed.

The source explained that the station, established by a former District Chief Executive under the erstwhile NDC was granted authorisation to work as a community based radio station, however its ownership became a dispute between the community and its founders.

“Community Radio stations are supposed to be owned by the community and not an individual but in the case of Gmantambo, the founders were claiming ownership of it, instead of the community. This became a dispute that was brought to us and so we had to shut it down” the source told Justicefmonline.

The source said the station will be approved to operate if it is able to resolve its ownership issues.

Gmantanbu Radio operated on the frequency of 96. 1MHz, was shutdown on February 22, 2019 on the advice of the Nanumba North Municipal Security Council (MUSEC).

The closure followed a fistfight which broke out at the Municipal Assembly building between managers of the radio station and some assemblymen, who petitioned the National Communication Authority (NCA) to investigate the station for frequency authorization breach.

Since 2013, there has been a longstanding feud between four assemblymen and managers of the radio station after a misunderstanding over airtime charges.

The petitioners accused the managers of operating with an illegal frequency authorization and running the station as their private property.

The petitioners added that, the radio station which had a community-based radio frequency is operating as commercial radio and controlled by private individuals.

The NCA defines commercial radio stations as those that are privately owned and operated for profit and controlled privately by independent commercial groups or individuals and categorizes community radio stations as a non-profit broadcasting service provided for a specific marginalised community by a radio or television station whose ownership and management are representative of the community for which the service is provided.

Story: Mumuni Yirifa Yunus I Justicefmonline |Tamale

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