Releasing An Album Is Trash And Waste Of Funds In Relation To The Current Trend Of Music. Magzy Mubarik

Current music trends here are based on three 3 categories that are Jam, Beef, And Dedication Or Praise songs.

This happens to keep the best level of satisfaction to music lovers. Music arts and management should concentrate on producing well standard music which will satisfy the people than concentrating on music albums which goes a long way to consume many funds, time, and energy and sometimes not getting the target level. 

Many artists are yearning to bring out Albums just Because their Colleagues have done so. But never take time in getting to know the level of performance of the album and compare it to the performance of a single song.

Northern Arts should concentrate on producing good quality music with a high-rated standard video that can be aired on any local and international television channel than bringing out wack albums that can even be performed well in the local chat. Magzy Mubarik Director of BeadFm Bimbilla.

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