Career Guidance is a special counselling given to individuals to help them acquire knowledge, information, skills & experiences, necessary to identify career options. Apart from motivating students to excel in school careers, designed to help them achieve their targeted goals, it equally helps in making career decisions that will result in your social, financial & emotional wellbeing. Owing to its enormous advantages, the management of Dr. Mohammed Ibn Chambas Institute of Education, formally called, Ndibo School Complex on Monday, September 6, 2021, organised a Carrier Guidance Programme, that seeks to equip the mindsets of their students in making effective career decisions.

Addressing its staff of employees, together with, some board of directors within the auspices of that same Institute on the theme : Career Day Education, Alhaji Ziblim Nantogmah, the Chairman of the occasion, indicated how needful it is, for schools to always introduce career learning programmes in their learning endeavours. The ceremony which saw the arrival of highly respected personalities like, Alhaji Aliu Abubakari who started with the opening prayer, Kukuo Naa Dasoli Inusah, Mr. Abarika Wumbei Imoro, Mr. Ziblim Nantogmah, Mr. Ibrahim Aduko & Mr. Chipura A. Sadik, has an estimated board members of at least 10.
Mohammed Ibn Chambas Institute of Education, with the motto, First Among Equals, is a nursery school, where kids are basically promoted to lower Kindergarten 1, & upper Kindergarten 2. The school which has an estimated population of 200 students with a 76 Box Number, displayed within themselves, their intellectual prowess, that were exceedingly beyond imagination. It was indeed a wonderful encounter to have catched glimpse of a 5year old kid confidently exhibiting beyond reasonable doubt.
To unanimously uplift the image of Bimbilla residents pertaining to our academic ladder, Parents have been encouraged to admit their wards therein, for a credible academic excellence.

By Aliu Wumpini Nantogmah of Beadfm Bimbilla 

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