Bimbilla : MCE Bemoan About Fulani Heardsmen


The higher rate of incessant arm robbery cases coupled with issues of kidnapping related crimes, within the length & breadth of Bimbilla Municipality, have compelled the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) to invite all & sundry for an emergency meeting.

Addressing an assembly of close to two hundred (200) attendees, within the auspices of Bimbico Old Dinning Hall, on Wednesday September 8, 2021. Honorable Abdulai Yaquob bemoaned the increasing rate of kidnapping cases connected to the Fulani herdsmen. The programme which saw the arrival of respected stakeholders like our revered chiefs, cattle rearers, representatives of cattle rearers association & all assemblymen inclusive, started with an opening prayer from Alfa Dawuda Yaquob, Juo Naayimi.

In a bid to curb the growing rate of alleged crop destruction, pollution of water bodies, sexual harassment, overgrazing & cattle theft, by Fulani heardsmen, the Municipal Chief Executive in connection with the Municipal Security Council came out with some credible recommendations depicting that,

1. No Fulani men shall from today onwards, be seen, using a machine (a motorbike, car) from 7PM thereabout till dawn.

2. Fulani men must desist from wielding cutlasses within the enclave of Bimbilla township.

3. Landlords must begin to question the credibility of rented luxurious Fulani men for their own safety.

4. There shall be a registration for Fulani heardsmen living within the enclave of Nanung.

5. There shall be the formation of a Community Watchdogs Committee.

To drastically allay the emergence of crime from Fulani heardsmen, Mr. Abdulai Yaquob rendered a passionate appeal to every tom, dick & hary to jointly unify their forces, by reporting suspected issues of jointly connected Fulani social vices to the Ghana Police Service.

Source : Aliu Wumpini (367)

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