Abdul Basit A Radio presenter at Radio Bimbilla and a music analyst make a clear thoughts of why Nanung Music is not growing as expected.

Abdul Basit A Radio presenter and music analyst make a clear thoughts of why Nanung Music is not growing as expected. 

He said this on his personal Facebook page 


1. Most of musicians don't learn but consider themselves as legends or stars

2. They can't grow because they don't minimise or stay away from girls

3. Some of them think they cannot progress without pulling someone down, hmm

4. Life is a journey u need to ask those who are returning from it if you fail to respect the current raining artist u cannot sale yours

5. Many of the upcoming artist are eager for money and that doesn't give u what u want, is all about patience it takes time

6. Most of the artists fear critics and u can't grow if u fear criticism it's part of the industry

7. U can never win when you lazy, u have to work extra hard in writing ur songs n desist from selfish Interests

8. The old musicians must be respected and considered in decision making

9. Show organizers , DJ's and Managers must also be respected

10. Creativity in everything is always prospect, if u are not creative enough in the industry u can't grow, don't always limit all your songs in to love songs n money

11. Growing Rasta as a musician has nothing to do with your progress or identification as a musician, Davido, Akon, 2pac, Birdman, Drake, Mr P, Mr Razak, Kawastone, Kaya are having no Rasta but are musically legends u can also make it without Rasta

13. Stop bleaching and putting all ur time in ur dressing you are out to do music but not beauty contest

Music is a Proffession not a leisure work!!!!

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